What woman doesn’t love Jewelry????  Whether it’s diamonds and platinum or custom designer pieces, you can’t deny it adds that special something to an outfit.

Growing up in LA with a father who was an inventor and a mother who was a bulldog created the perfect storm for me.  I had access to the greatest teacher, my father, who had a huge garage full of every tool and type of machinery that I could have ever needed to be a creator.  In that garage, he taught me how to make my first pair of earrings, and that’s where it began.

When I was in my early 20’s in college at UCSB, I started making jewelry. It became such an enormous obsession that new designs and pieces were at the forefront of my thoughts, and my studies became secondary. However, I decided to focus on graduating college, so I put the jewelry aside and finished school.  After college, I moved to Newport Beach and met my husband, got married, and had two kids. While raising my children, I still made jewelry and sold it to some stores and friends in Newport Beach. But now that my kids are grown, it is my full time endeavor.  

I love and strive to make jewelry that looks expensive but is affordable, and pieces that are different and make people excited about fashion. In an industry where cookie-cutter designs are boring and rapidly produced, I make unique pieces that are everything but ‘manufactured’. In the past, I had some of my earrings manufactured, but they couldn’t make them as thin, lightweight, and authentic as I wanted; I decided it’s worth hand making every piece to achieve that unique look and to keep them lightweight- every customers favorite.

Not only do I love to make jewelry that is versatile for every woman out there, but to create pieces that inspire creativity and a beautiful lifestyle